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European School of Art and Materials

IN-HOUSE TRAINING / Stone mason ancient buildings

  • Duration 945h

Training in the renovation, restoration and fitting out of old building structures using ancestral and traditional techniques. 

Contents of Training course Stone mason building structures : 945 hours' training

The training course consists of 3 certificates of professional competence.

  • Carry out masonry work in old building structures
  • Make up coatings for old building structures
  • Carry out various framework structures in old buildings

Public : Masons, plasterers, salaried employees, craftsmen wishing to learn the ancient techniques of masonry

Training sequence

Full-time training consisting of 805 hours of in-house training, 105 hours of work experience placement, 35 hours of accreditation of the training course.

Objective of the training course Stone mason old building structures

To acquire the techniques of masonry as used in ancestral times by favouring local materials in the repect of the building to be restored.