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European School of Art and Materials

IN-HOUSE TRAINING / Replying to invitations to tender

  • Duration : 2 weeks

réponse aux appels d'offresTraining in the obligations and regulations of, and drating replies to invitations to tender, in the public and private sector. The training course is realised concurrently with a reply to an invitation to tender for an actual project. 

Contents of training course replying to invitations to tender :70 hours (2 weeks)

  • Administrative obligations
  • Regulations and reference documents
  • The consultation file and how to use it
  • Reading of the technical documents
  • Technical memory
  • Price offer
  • Planning of the work site
  • Acceptance of work done and its effects
  • Assessment of the works

Public : Matter painters / Colour artist and professional people wishing to create their own companies or to have access to a job of clerk of works.

Training sequence

2 weeks full-time

 Objective of the training course replying to invitations to tender

To acquire the necessary competence to draft a reply to a public or private invitation to tender.