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European School of Art and Materials

IN-HOUSE TRAINING / Decor painter

  • Duration : 5 weeks

Training in techniques of decorative painting, imitation of materials, embellishments and imitation moulding.

Contents of the training course Decor Painter : 175 hours (5 weeks)

  • Workshop 1 - 1 week
    Preparations of the bases, and imitation moulding
    Initiation in imitation wood
    Initation in materials (Lapis Lazuli, malachite, scales …)
  • Workshop 2  - 1 week
    FImitation moulding, work with shadows and lights. Simple embellishments in "trompe-l'oeil"
  • Workshop 3 - 1 week
    Stencils , graphic organisation
    Patinas (wiped, with a tool, oil…)
    Initiation in imitation marble
  • Workshop 4 - 1 week
    Perfecting imitation wood, imitation marble
  • Workshop 5 - 1 week
    Preparation of the bases, application of the various paints.
    Creation of a painted decor. 

Public : Mason, plasterer, salaried employee, craftsmen wishing to learn the techniques of decorative painting.

Training Sequence

5 weeks' training not consecutive

Objective of the training course Decor Painter

To acquire the techniques of decorative painting : and imitation of materials (wood, marble, stone, scales, leopard Cordue leather...)