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European School of Art and Materials


The European School of Art and Materials, is a vocational training center and a private higher education institution. Dynamic structure at the intersection of buildings and applied specialist walls and floors arts. It is a place of transmission, research and openness. Culture, analysis, reflection are essential elements in teaching and the work of the hand associated with the material.

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Man has always sought to appropriate their living spaces and provide a revealing picture of his personality. We propose a response to a demand for more and more pressing, aesthetics, ecology and well-being, the sensible approach of shapes and colors, the texture of materials and quality techniques. EEAM is based on ancient practices, and adds a contemporary look through changes due to innovation. Cultivating experimentation and updating of skills, it bases its approach on a transversal and multidisciplinary approach to teaching.

His purpose

  • Bring a fresh perspective on interior design
  • Promote the conservation of ancient architecture
  • Learning to work with noble materials, timeless and ecological such as lime, plaster, terra ...
  • Train craftsmen capable of solving practical problems in the rehabilitation, restoration, conservation of historic monuments in collaboration with those responsible for the safeguarding of monuments, museum curators, archivists, art historians and professionals industry.
  • Upgrade trades craftsmen
  • Promote employment in the building trades, design, decoration and more specifically in the business of finishing

European vocation

EEAM develops various forms of action with its European partners through the exchange of students and teachers, setting up conferences and implementation of in situ projects. It offers the opportunity to do internships in Europe (scholarships may be awarded to students). The school is open to an audience of international students (English translation)

Partner schools.

  • Schools of Padua
  • Centro Europeo per i mestieri del patrimonio Thiene (Italy)
  • Escuella Taller centro historico à Vitoria-Gasteiz (Espagne)
  • Université d’Architecture et de Génie Civil de Pékin (Chine)

Openness to the world of business

Throughout the training curriculum is developed links with the world of business through:

  • The intervention in the teachings of professionals, artisans, entrepreneurs, architects, designers, researchers, heritage conservators, art historians, masons, painters, colorists, gilders, plasterers, engravers ...)
  • Implementation of sites 
  • Internships in companies in France and abroad ..

Businesses open their doors to students and participate in school life:

  • providing training for case studies
  • participating in examination boards
  • sponsoring students (architects, designers, industrial ...)

The school opens partner companies access to publications and results

A Research and Development Department

In the field of crafts, eco-habitat and applied to the building arts, he is interested in technical walls, floors, colors, tools, recycling in collaboration with universities, industry, research laboratories, engineers.


  • Deepen the theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Open lessons to problems encountered on new concepts and technics.
  • Develop collaboration and exchange of expertise.
  • Ensure technological and artistic standby.                  
  • Stimulating creative experiences of an interdisciplinary nature.