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European School of Art and Materials

INITIAL TRAINING / Bachelor : Design/Matter Painting


  • Duration : 3 years
  • Entry level required : "A" Levels or equivalent level
  • End of course : "A" Level +3
  • Work experience placement in company / entry possible in 2nd year (consult us)

Acquired after 3-years'training following "A" Levels, the Bachelor Designer Matter Painter is a diploma recognised by Europe (Label IDEART). The Bachelor Designer Matter Painter is a course which can be taken after an "A" Level in Applied Arts, Visual Arts, Fine Arts or the equivalent of a scientific, arts-orientated or economic Baccalauréat in France... or within the framework of a validation of acquired experience for people who are already significantly knowledgeable in the field and are desirous to validate their know-how by a diploma.

The studies to become a Designer-Matter Painter are composed of theory and practical classes, work experience placements and personal independent work.


Etudiant en bachelor designer matiéristeDuration : 3 years to become a Designer-Matter Painter

LThe 3 year course develops exacting standards in the acquisition of knowledge and basic techniques and opens up to creativity and concepts through a new way of tackling the boundaries between space, light, material and colour to align with decor and architecture.

LThe conceptual approach is to transform the space in order to harmonise colours and materials with volumes and shapes, providing bold and discerning solutions to optimise the transformation of the places in question.

Etudiants en bachelor designer matiéristeLearning the skills handed down by experienced professionals, associated with a creative approach, turns Designers-Matter Painters into creators of their time.

The theory classes focus on a culture linked to habitat, style, architecture and design. Regular invitations to artists and lecturers complete the policy of openness and research.

Why a Bachelor and not a Vocational Training Certificate (City and Guilds Examination in Britain), or a Technical School Certificate ?


  • 1st Year : Practical and theory classes, 5 weeks work experience placement, evaluation to go on the 2nd year.
  • 2nd year broken up by an internal diploma (Level III): Practical and theory classes, 5 weeks’ work experience placement, evaluation to go on to the 3rd year. At the end of these two years, students are sufficiently qualified to enter the profession as a technician.
  • 3rd year Bachelor (diploma recognised by Europe – Label IDEARTS*): Practical and theory classes, 12 we »eks’ work experience placement, final evaluation.  In this « Bachelor » year, the technical knowledge part is paramount ; however, the most important part is the stage associated with the material and concept project.  The student then becomes independent and can enter the profession as a Senior Designer/Technician.
  •  Possibility of carrying out the 3rd year in tandem with a work experience contract.


  • Humanities : Foreign languages, sport, cultural topicalities etc...
  • Knowledge for the trade History of art, history of styles in architecture, technical environment, urban planning etc...
  • SKnowledge related for the trade and material : Acquisition of techniques based on materials such as lime, plaster, clay, cement, marble dust, pigments, sand, mother-of-pearl, mica etc...
  • Concept Applied information technology, typography, engraving, photography, visual communication etc...


  • « A » Level holders or equivalent
  • Without « A » Levels or prerequisite level, 3 years’ professional experience in the field is required.

Admission Conditions:

  • « A » Levels
  • Applicant registration form
  • Interview in support of one’s application
  • Possibility of validation of acquired experience in the domain, contact us


A Designer/Matter Painter creates and producesin a move towards eco habitat and eco constructiondecorative walls and floors using raw ecological materials (lime, clay, plaster), salvaged materials, poor materials (glass, plastic, cardboard, cloth, vegetable matter) for various areas : housing, government, industry, hotels, museums etc...

A Designer/Matter Painter is a designer and creator of interior and exterior decorsHe intervenes in every phase of a project : from the designing of the decor right up to its creation and implementation.


A Designer/Matter Painter operates as:

  • Self-employed person
  • Part of a company
  • Salaried person.

This training can lead graduates to jobs such as :

  • Craftsman/woman, designer – materials applier for for walls and floors.
  • Specialist assistant in architectural firms.
  • Assistant designer.
  • Technician for film sets.
  • Creator and producer of decors (shops, displays, events).
  • Technician in a company manufacturing innovative products.

Look at thevideo of Bachelor Designr/Matter Painter
Erratum : The work site « Orangerie de Gaillac » presented in this video, carried out by EEAM (wall coatings) together with the Atelier Langlois (fresco paintings), was also carried out by the Société Stucco Decors (fresco paintings).



*IDEART international Degrees in ART communication and culture

A “quality label” for art and cultural schools that must enable EEAM to facilitate the recruitment of high-quality national and international students. Recognition by the professional world, by regional public authorities, by universities and by other recommended schools or other places of education. This diploma is recognised and valued abroad, enabling students to find work or to set up a company, and offers the possibility of furthering their training at an international level.